What is SEC542?

Web applications play a vital role in every modern organization.

But, if your organization does not properly test and secure its web apps, adversaries can compromise

these applications, damage business functionality, and steal data. Unfortunately, many organizations operate under the

mistaken impression that a web application security scanner will reliably discover flaws in their systems.

What is SEC642?

Modern web applications are growing more sophisticated and complex

as they utilize exciting new technologies and support ever-more critical operations.

Long gone are the days of basic HTML requests and responses. Even in the age of Web 2.0 and AJAX,

the complexity of HTTP and modern web applications is progressing at breathtaking speed.

With the demands of highly available web clusters and cloud deployments, web applications are looking to deliver

more functionality in smaller packets at a decreased strain on backend infrastructure.

Welcome to an era that includes tricked-out cryptography, WebSockets, HTTP/2, and a whole lot more.

Are your web application assessment and penetration testing skills ready to evaluate these impressive new technologies

and make them more secure?

this notes summary of sec542 & sec642